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Websites as Powerful as Apps

Websites are not like what it used to be. Unleash the full power of web with PWA.


Apps for iOS, Android...

And those will be available in AppStore, Google Play Store and even more.


Software for Mac, Windows, Linux

Get native apps for PC with feature-rich, lag-free User Experience & Beyond. Isn't it awesome?


Live Streaming with Transcoding

Go live or stream existing media to your own platform in realtime. Be truly independent.


Beyond the Plain Surface

We've got freemium micro services that can improve your everyday life. Let's check it out!


Get in Touch of Infinity

Knowledge. It's always precious. Stay updated. Touch that treasure in our blog.

Experience the Future


Unlock the Modern Web

From simple portfolio websites to complex e-Commerce, social networking, VOD service and beyond - we do it all with perfection and style. Key Features:

  • Offline Access
  • Installable like Apps
  • Send Notifications
  • Auto-update
  • HTTP/2 Protocol
  • HTTPS w/ TLS v1.3
  • A.I. & M.L.
  • and Even More

Dominate the Computing World

We develop apps for both Smartphone & PC. We cover all major platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. Key Features:

  • Feature-rich UX
  • Responsive Layout
  • Official Store Availability
  • Sensor Data Aggregation
  • Long-press Shortcuts
  • Support for Dark Mode
  • Custom Splash Screen
  • and Even More

Trusted and Loved

Red Nexus is the same professional team that administrates the Department of Web & App Development and AI & ML Deployment at Bengal Web Solution .

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