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Meet the team that shapes your dreams in the virtual world. We are proud to be the part of Red Nexus!

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The Mindset

With all the knowledge we've gained, with all the experiences we've gathered, we have been providing the best possible result of the time! And we will!

The Eternals

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Amlan Das Karmakar

Co-Founder of Red Nexus and Bengal Web Solution, Amlan Das Karmakar is the sole creator of services like WaveX, BifrostX, Prayrock etc. He has precise knowledge on HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, PHP8, MySQL, MongoDB, REST API, XML and SVG alongside NGiNX, NodeJS, Electron, Cordova, Name & Signaling Servers, Linux based OS management and beyond. He also pioneered WebRTC, RTMP, JWT, Biometrics, Advanced Security Algorithms in the firm.

Prasanta Sarkar

Founder of Red Nexus and Bengal Web Solution, Prasanta Sarkar is an expert in Digital Marketing. He has immense knowledge on Content Promotion, Advertising, Social Sharing and similar things.

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Sougata Chowdhury

Sougata Chowdhury is a very talented Web Developer and UX Designer at Red Nexus as well as Bengal Web Solution. His field of expertise includes HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL and many other web technologies. Moreover, he also has special expertise on Wordpress and SEO!

Trusted and Loved

Red Nexus is the same professional team that administrates the Department of Web & App Development and AI & ML Deployment at Bengal Web Solution .

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